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5 Reasons Why ProAce Shopping portal is a lucrative ONLINE Affiliate Program








    • 40% Commission! This market leading rate is unheard of in the self help ebook market. We also offer other services under our web-store Full Shopping Cart System.  Customers can buy up as many product as they wish under the clickbank Merchant account solution. We provide safe and secure credit card service with utmost customer satisfaction. Our prices are very competitive and we can offer free consultation services based on the subject purchased. Customer do not just purchase the book, they also get great support both in business and health.



  • Over a dozen products and services (and counting). We always add other products that we represents from other vendors. We make sure that all products on our webstore meet our quality guidelines and subject of interest. Some products or services might deter a little from the existing products, but it will depend on what the affiliates would like us to add to our web-store. We base our store on what our affiliates wants to see and promote.




  • We launch 3 products EVERY MONTH.Based on what our affiliates wants, we provide. This page is focus on the interests and suggestions of our newly joined affiliates. We base our system on what you want to see and promote. This shows in our strong commitment to make you, our affiliate, satisfied with our company. When customers visit our store or make a purchase, they come back again and again.




  • Diversity of Products means there is something for everyone. We are a self help webstore but also have products in every niche – whether your visitors are interested in the buying or starting a business, real estate, Search Engine Optimization, web development, weight loss, etc..- it will be available all right here. However, if its not existing, you can contact us for more suggestions and we will take all this into consideration.


Have a Great Affiliates Page

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to attract you, our affiliate, is to make your job easier by providing you with a page on our website with extensive information and tools for you that make promoting your product easier.





Suggested keywords that relate to your product, which they can either bid on in paid advertising, or try to rank in search engines to drive free traffic to your website


Keywords are

buy a business with no $

free business,

no dollar down business

no money down business

no money down business,

start business with no $,






losing fat

losing weight




fitness and health

fitness book

fitness plan

fitness program

fitness trainers

personal trainers


Where can I find more details about the three books?

All details about these three books are available online at and (Search Author:  .There you can find articles about all three books and some relevant information about other subjects

How can I buy these books?

Being an affiliate of Clickbank, you can get access to thousands of books all through the network. The same goes to ProAce Shopping portal. All these books are available at your fingertips and ready to provide you with key information to get your business started or get healthier

Will there be other books available at ProAce Shopping portal?

Yes, we will add more books from other authors relating to our subjects of interest. Certain categories are also a part of our portal so it can offer a variety of choices to our affiliates. As time goes by, we will add more categories based on affiliate’s request.

How can I take advantage of the ClickBank affiliate program?

Simply go to our home page: click and click on the left hand side banner (Join our Affiliate program). That should bring you to the form to fill and get to our affiliate system. Please be specific as what categories you are looking for so we can better serve you.

What percentage commission do you offer to your affiliates?

We give 40% commission to all sales made by our affiliates. This is a generous affiliate program and hope it can entice you in selling more of our informational books about business and fitness.

How can I promote my vendor’s products?

If any ways are available. Many affiliates use Payperclick method to bring in the public to their pages and add some of our product into their page. Some other ways are through social media marketing, also through google sponsored searches. All strategies are valuable as long as you don’t spam our products to the general population. That will not be accepted.

How to increase my affiliate sales?

Just sale, sale and sale. However, for you to sale, you need to promote, promote and promote. Free ebooks are available online to help you strategize and create a marketing campaign that should attract many to your site. Just keep moving forward and get yourself linked to many other pages out there. Push is the name of the game, and you just need to pursue your search to make this business relationship work.

What are common ways to promote the vendors products?

Strategies are available at ( ClickBank explains clearly the way to promote products and services through the affiliate program. Read it through and ask questions if needed. Their content blog is full of valuable information

To read articles about the subject of business and health, click Here


In the world of affiliate, it is not uncommon to be a tiny little needle in a haystack. You can be hard to find by others who are looking for products to sell for you. It is imperative to find a way that will make you unique and different. You need to come up with the best approach, the best ideas, the best attractive marketing campaign so everyone can notice you, hence, return lots of sales. But how to do that? First, you need to become an affiliate so you can get paid for all your hard work. This is crucial and you can keep track of all your sales and all your commissions. Do not be afraid to contact companies that already promote other products. They are always looking for the best new products to promote. They want you as much as you want them. Do not be afraid.

Three easy steps to become a CLICKBANK affiliate


Get informed about our program: The more information about ClickBank Affiliate program Click here


Join our affiliate program: Register here

Third and final step:

Once you are registered, you can simply follow the prompt as indicated on the website and start promoting. We will receive notification that you are our new affiliate and we can keep track of everything that is coming in.