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Imagine winning the $1 billion Powerball lottery, being elected president, or coming up with an online social networking site as successful as Facebook. You become very wealthy, admired, achieve fame and glory—all of this in fewer than 24 hours. Now take all that happiness and multiply it by every day of your life. Start getting that feeling, regardless of whether you have won the lottery, became president, or achieved all that fortune and glory. Let’s face it—happiness is a feeling but can also be considered as a choice, right?

Harvesting that feeling of happiness will get you a step closer to being happy. It’s not what you wish for in terms of financial freedom or anything else. It starts with enjoying what you already have. That feeling can be enhanced by thinking you’ve already reached what you always dreamed of, but then again, you need to get back to basics and reach deep down inside and master this feeling. By doing so, you will be more motivated; achieve more goals; and develop charisma. You will be a better boss, employee, parent, and friend. You will also acquire more direction in life, be more patient, have more enthusiasm, and feel inner passion for everything you do. People love being around happy people, so be the one who’s happy.
People are drawn to those who have mastered happiness, and being positive is what people seek every day. Happy people are blessed with good things. They have a strong feeling of being happy, and let the universe do the rest. Speak what you are seeking, and share what you have received. This is the first step to reaching happiness.


Most human beings on our planet are constantly pursuing ultimate happiness. What is YOUR definition of
happiness? Is it being wealthy or healthier? What are YOU pursuing when it comes to being happy? Great gift for the holidays!

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