Gloateus Maximus: Inside lives of Personal Trainers



This book is dedicated to, well, everyone. Now you might ask yourself, “Why on earth did we write a book like
this?” “Gloateus Maximus” (which can also be read as “Gluteus Maximus”) is the Latin term for the “human
butt.” This body part is an obsession in today’s society. J.Lo’s gluteus maximus makes headlines; everyone
(mostly women, and some men, of course) is looking for the ideal butt. To reach that specific goal, going to the
gym and working out is necessary. Nothing comes easily. From squats to lunges, abductors to adductors, these
exercises are a prerequisite for that “ideal butt.” Most people have no knowledge of how to exercise specific
body parts and ask the help of personal trainers. We are then pressured to help these individuals reach their
goals of attaining that “perfect butt.” Finally, having that perfect butt makes you gloat.

Personal trainers need to build a new reputation. We need to re-educate the world on the personal training
industry. Our true value comes from being individuals with one goal in mind: Helping you to attain the body
you desire so you can lead a long and healthy life!


Looking to laugh a bit? Need some advice on how to select your personal/fitness trainer? Looking to know what is going on in a gym facility? All these questions will be answered while laughing along the way. This book is targeted to fitness trainers AND their clients. Definitely a good holiday gift for fitness addicts. Get your copy TODAY!

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