The American Dream: Being your OWN boss!



So you have decided to take action and start your own venture. Great! We try, in many ways, to better ourselves by looking for the right opportunity to arise.
We say to ourselves: “When will that time come”? Well, my dear friends, the right opportunity is NOT going to come and knock on your door. You need to
actively seek the right opportunity. This depends on you! Before reading this book, you should write down a master plan of what you want to do and answer the
following questions: What are your dreams? Your short term plans? What do you expect to gain from reading this book? What field or industry interests you
the most? How much money do you want to generate from your business? Are you interested in a start-up or a take-over?

These are only a few of the questions you should ask yourself before you read the whole book. Make sure to answer them to the best of your knowledge. Your
answers to these questions are crucial to your future. They will give you ideas of how you want to apply what you’ve learned in this book. If you do not understand some of the concepts in this book, read this book again. I have used the simplest terminology to make it easy for everyone to understand. There will be none of the
guru terminology that only a few can grasp. I have gathered information that is user friendly and easy to comprehend. Why add difficult business terminology
to an already complex process of acquiring or starting a company?

This book has been designed in such a way that all the questions that you may have are addressed here. It is my hope that the question/answer approach will
facilitate the reading and understanding of the material. I think I have said enough and should let you be the judge. After reading the book, make sure to go back to your initial master plan and see if your answers have changed. If your original answers remain the same, then you’re on the right path to reaching your ultimate goal of owning your own business.
Good luck in your future endeavors. I hope that this book will help you achieve…….


Uncover the secrets that business consultant hesitate to provide you on their 300 dollars/hour rate. Find out
in details these valuable secrets about starting or buying a business using NONE of your own money. Get the real facts!

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