Top 10 Tips For Marketing Your Book to becoming NY Best Seller.


Looking to market your book and becoming a best seller? This book will provide you, ordered alphabetically by topic offered, this book is the holy grail for all independent and self published authors. Why give away 80% of your book sales to your publisher when they use the same techniques of marketing on this book? DIY approach is key for you to get the results you want and in most cases, when a traditional publisher signs you up, you still need to market yourself as publishers have many authors to promote. If you are a new author, do not expect the publisher to invest too much time or money on you. You are on your own when it comes to promotion and marketing. This book gives you the same contact and connections as what traditional publishers uses. It’s not that difficult. Trust yourself, you can do it!


Looking for hundred effective ways to promote your book? You can get it all here with this manual. Being a self published author can be difficult as there is no one that can really help you get your book in the hands of your readers. As I dealt myself with the intricacies of book promotion, i applied what i have learned through trial and errors and delivering this manual to you. You will find quick and efficient ways to get your book to the people who wants to read it.

This book is here to help you get recognized as a NY best seller author.


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